who we do

We are building for the future.

At agranyh HR Solutions, we work with new and existing businesses to help them grow, increase profit, and thrive in any market condition. Our experienced team offers advice on setting new HR department, Design & Development of HR Policy, Process, Systems & HR Procedures, Development of HR Manual & Employee Handbook, Job Analysis & Evaluation, PMS, Compensation & Benefit, Training Need Analysis & Assessment & Content Development, Competency Mapping & we provide service for Induction & Joining Formalities, Payroll Process, Statutory Compliance, Exit Formalities, HR Audit & Allied Accounts & Taxation Services.

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Business Verticals

  • Telecom
  • Banking/ Insurance/ Finance
  • Healthcare
  • FMCG
  • Construction / Infrastructure
  • Automobile
  • Accessories/ Apparel/ Textile
  • Retailing
  • Travel/ Hospitality/ Healthcare
  • Media/Advertising/Publishing

Functional Verticals

  • Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  • Accounts/ Taxation/ Audit
  • HR/ PM/Administration
  • Operations/ Project Management
  • Logistics/ Purchase/ SCM
  • Engineering
  • Telecom/IT/ITES
  • Customer Service
  • Production/Maintenance

how we do

At agranyh HR Solutions, we provide a professional service you can depend on. Our service is designed to provide tangible, clear-cut results. At the start of your project, we outline objectives and timeframes, so that at any point you have a clear idea of progress-to-date and successes achieved.

Throughout our involvement with your project, we are on hand to deal with your issues when and how they arise, and to respond in a timely and creative way. We partner with you for your success.

The way we work is simple. We offer advice and continued support throughout a business’s life, from launch through growth towards maturity. We guide and train & develop managers’ skills. And we help improve your business, with everything from organization to communication.

Literature emphasize the fact that the role of HR function & HR department are seen more as administrative rather than being a strategic partner to the business of the organisation. The client can concentrate on core activities of the business, while the non-core functions of HR which are repetitive & routine nature can be taken care by agranyh HR Solutions. The most common reasons to outsource HR activities are to save cost & time and to standardize the Processes.

HR Consulting

agranyh HR Solutions provide a wide range of consulting services to our customers, which helps them to build or modify systems, processes & procedures to maximise the value of human capital. Our consulting services assist HR departments to perform with enrichment in quality & efficiency of HR Processes. Based on our client’s business requirements, we modify the existing processes or design new processes.

Set up of New HR Department

agranyh HR Solutions can outsource the HR function of your organization or elements of the HR Department that will improve your administrative, operational or strategic HR capacity. We will analyze your needs to determine the most suitable level of HR outsourcing that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR Department or create a new HR Service Department to assist with your organizational growth plans.

Design & Development of HR Policy, Process, Systems & HR procedure

agranyh HR solutions provides Complete HR solutions with respect to Policies, Processes, Systems and HR Procedure. We implemented complete HR Policy Manual covering various policies like Recruitment & Selection, Induction & Orientation, Probation & Confirmation, Payroll & Employee Benefits, Performance Appraisal & Rewards, Promotions & Transfers, Working Hours, Holiday and Leave, Business Travel, Discipline, Communication & Facilities, Health & Safety, Training & Development, Employee Separation, Equal Employment Opportunity Policy etc.

Development of HR Manual & Employee Handbook

Employee handbook is reviewed and developed to ensure consistency, uniformity, and to help our clients been protect against lawsuits. Employee handbooks, if properly designed, are excellent tools to improve communication of policies and procedures, build more effective employee relations, enhance the image and reputation of the organization, improve productivity and minimize the employment practice related risk of your organization.

Job Analysis & Evaluation

Job analysis is the foundation upon which job descriptions are written and defines job content. Job content describes essential functions and is a tool that will enable you to price jobs in the market and ensure improved compliance with various employment related Indian Labour Laws. The job evaluation process determines the relative worth of each job by establishing a hierarchy of positions within an organization. Job evaluations are typically completed after the job analysis and job descriptions are completed.

Compensation & Benefit

Amid a fast evolving Compensation & Benefits environment, agranyh HR Solutions strives to collaborate with employers to design and deploy effective plans that optimize both employee value and employer cost.

Performance Management System

Performance management systems if properly designed and implemented can change the course of growth and pace of impact of organizations. We implement Performance Management System (PMS) rather than focusing on performance appraisals as (PMS) is the heart of any "People Management" process in organization. Effective affirmative action plans and related processes, including training, reporting, and implementation, are developed and maintained.

Training Need Analysis & Assessment & Training Material/Content Development

Knowledge & Skills has to be improved & challenged constantly, or else it vanishes. A competent person doesn’t remain competent unless he/she is challenged. Training, Learning & Development activities if properly designed and implemented leads to growth and pace of impact on Employees’ & organizations. Team of agranyh HR Solutions helps identify, analyze, design, develop and impart need based trainings for the individual as well as organization development.

Competency Mapping

Team of agranyh HR Solutions assess current proficiency levels, Map individual, divisional and organizational competencies assessed & find out GAP Analysis & develop Competency Development Programmes.

HR Audit

Comprehensive audits of policies and practices to identify potential risks and liabilities; includes a report that details recommendations. HR is a system within a system and actions or non-actions of your HR Department affect the entire organization. The HR audit is the primary means of analyzing HR effectiveness and efficiency and objectively reporting findings to include developmental recommendations from a best practice perspective. The HR audit also improves compliance, if indicated, and develops further infrastructure to support and grow the potential of the company's Human Capital. An audit targets areas relative to organizational development and human resource management practices including Staffing and Hiring, Benefits Administration, HR Administration, Employment Practices, Education and Training, Time Off and Leaves, Health and Safety, Performance Management, Compensation, Terminations.

HR Outsourcing

Literature emphasize the fact that the role of HR function & HR department are seen more as administrative rather than being a strategic partner to the business of the organisation. The client can concentrate on core activities of the business, while the non-core functions of HR which are repetitive & routine nature can be taken care by agranyh HR Solutions. The most common reasons to outsource HR activities are to save cost & time and to standardize the Processes.

Recruitment: Permanent Placements - Right Resources: Right Time: Right Cost

agranyh HR solutions partner with our clients enabling them to meet their business objectives by supplying the right Resources at the right Time at the right Cost. We work closely with our clients to understand the requirements in details; screen & shortlist the candidates provide them to the clients for the interview process. Our aim is to serve the clients with the best fitments ensuring that last minute surprises will not arise.

Induction & Exit Formalities

Induction is one of the most important things to convert a new employee to a high performing asset for any organisation. Induction not only gives the candidate a flavour about the job but also helps him in understanding about the organisational culture and makes him a good performer from the start. In true spirit of being a partner to any organisation for running its process in a manner which translates into the organisation being the most profitable, admirable and effective organisation, we truly understand our clients business processes, its culture, roles of employees and enhancements in the same in the optimum possible manner.

Payroll Process, Statutory Services & Labour Compliance

Payroll Process is a very essential part of any organisations. We have the expertise in designing Compensation Structure, preparing Salary breakups, processing payroll, cater services such as Tax planning, filing Salary TDS Return, and issuing Form 16. We do take care of PF, ESI & PT Returns. We process the payroll on customized software and we provide solution to the clients' requirement and suites to meet clients' need. We are backed with experts in the Statutory & Labour compliance and we ensure all the necessary compliances are maintained and the clients are free from the hassles. agranyh HR Solutions will take over total responsibility of client’s statutory Labour Laws.

  • Payment of Wages Act
  • EPF & Misc. Provision Act
  • ESIC Act
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Gratuity Act
  • Contract Labour Act
  • Workmen Compensation Act
  • Employment Exchange Act
  • Maternity Act
  • Equal Remuneration Act
  • Shops & Establishment Act
  • Bonus Act

Total HR process outsourcing (replacement of in-house HR function)

With an experienced team, backed by experts from Industry we enable our customers to focus on business growth while we take care of their HR needs. Starting from inception to the delivery we take care of the complete employee needs. With strong expertise in the field of HR we cater to Strategic and Operational activities. The day to day operation of the HR department will be handled from us. Keeping employee satisfaction as the key result our operational excellence will enable our clients to focus on their business growth plans and leave the rest to us. Handling employee needs right from Joining till the separation will be attended with all importance and quality.

ALLIED Services

  • TDS Return
  • Service Tax Return
  • VAT Return
  • IT Return for Individual & Company
  • ISO Certification